Baby’s First Dental Visit

Your child’s baby teeth will start to appear, often with the central lower teeth first, anywhere between 4 – 10 months. As with every development milestone, when your baby’s first teeth erupt is an individual thing and you shouldn’t worry if their teeth erupt either side of this timeline. Every child is different! If you do have concerns or would like a professional opinion we are a phone call away.
When your child is teeth it can be tough to make them comfortable. Not all babies experience teeth the same way. Some with sail through and others will struggle with the sudden changes.
A combination of extra cuddles and chilled (but not frozen) soothers or washcloths can help gum the sore gums.

When should my baby see the dentist?

Generally speaking, it’s time for your baby’s first dental visit when their first tooth erupts or they reach 12 months of age – whichever comes first. While it may seem unnecessary to see a dentist without a full set of teeth the earlier a child visits the dentist the better. We can sometimes detect problems early and intervene before the costs add up.
We can discuss:
* Teething
* Brushing techniques and tips (brushing a baby’s teeth is very important but also difficult!)
* Habits – such as thumb sucking and dummy use
* The risk of decays and how to prevent it
* Prevention of traumatic injury to your child’s mouth
* Nutritional advice
Baby’s first experience at the dentist should be exciting and fun filled! We want them to know we are there to help! Quite often the parent has a dental fear and this can be passed on, unwilling, to their child. If mum or dad attends, not as a patient but as a support or comfort person, for their child it can relieve some anxiety mum or dad have been experiencing.

What happens during this first visit:

We often suggest mum or dad sit in the dental chair with bub on their lap. We would never force or pressure a child to do something they are not comfortable with however we will try our best to help your baby feel safe and comfortable while we do the following:
* View and count the teeth
* Check overall oral hygiene and health
* Take a family dental history
* Discuss concern you make have
* Offer tips and tricks for co-operative brushing
We hope this has answered some questions regarding your baby’s teeth. We are happy to discuss general information over the phone but we strongly recommend booking a first appointment as soon as your baby’s teeth erupt.